Educational YouTube innovator, podcast host and award-winning representative of ISSA.


Who is Zainab Khan?

Zainab Khan is a student herself and continues to inspire the younger generation through her educational YouTube channel Studimation, which she has been running for over 3 years. Additionally, Zainab is a host of The Zainab Khan Podcast, where people from variety of fields talk about their experiences. Zainab's passion for public speaking began with debate practices at her school, propelling her into active participation in debate competitions. This enthusiasm led to a string of victories, garnering accolades and trophies. As her proficiency grew, she ventured into representing The International Singer Songwriters Association (ISSA)an organization in Atlanta, Georgia whose mission is to encourage aspiring and professional singers and songwriters across various music genres on a global scale—In 2023, her outstanding efforts were acknowledged with the Best International Representative of the Year from ISSA, a recognition shared with her mom. The accolade was achieved amidst competition from 36 participating countries.


At the time where the world was beset by pandemic, when humans were in the shambles and eerie caught them held so bad that it was a matter of life and death, there came a shining idea and Studimation (a portmanteau of Study & Animation) came into existence. Studimation is an educational YouTube channel started by Zainab Khan who is a student herself. The channel launched with a focus on core subjects, specifically, English, Math and Science. As Zainab continued to progress in school, getting exposed to new subjects, she was able to produce videos on more courses, adding subjects like Computer Science, Music and U.S. History. To date, there are videos on 8 different courses, totalling to over 1 million+ views and 4k+ subscribers. Notably, these courses have been utilized by the California Adult Education Department. A year after its creation, the channel also began a series of episodes called Book Week, where every year, on the week following World Book Day (April 21), authors from around the world gather to share insights and answer questions from students. Hosted by Zainab herself, the series has featured some of the most renowned authors, such as Jackie French and Wendy Orr from Australia.


Zainab hosts the podcast with her dad, Imran Ahmed Project X (a multiple award-winning guitarist), as the co-host and calls upon people from a variety of fields to talk about their experiences. Each episode features an interview with a bonafide industry professional where Zainab & Imran discuss and dissect various topics relevant to the guests' niche. From entrepreneurs to musicians, scientists to writers, and everything in between, there's always something new to learn and discover. The podcast has featured notable guests like GRAMMY Award winning musicians, Kitt Wakeley and Falu Shah.

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